What we do

We are a specialist Cyber Security Consultancy. Our uniqueness lies in the broad and world-class portfolio of solutions which we actively curate, going well beyond the usual “off-the-shelf” products.

Our team includes special agents and programmers with deep experience in top Israeli secret service units, where they faced persistent, challenging and evolving threats. This experience has since been applied to protecting banks, utilities, other commercial organizations, and government institutions.


Services We Provide

We pinpoint, predict and prevent the toughest security breaches, and then source the most appropriate, specialized solutions available.

Gap Analysis & Assessment

Managing electronically stored information (ESI) is critical to the future of any business or public institution. We offer complete cyber security audit, gap analysis, penetration testing, risk assessment, design of risk management protocols. We help to benchmark safety parameters, to comply with regulation, and to shore up inadequacies in the existing cyber security architecture.

Securing of Critical Elements

We strive for end-to-end protection of critical systems, domains and digital assets. We provide visibility of the organizational threat landscape such as monitoring networks, deploying big data and cyber security analytics and collecting and storing data for rapid response to cyber attacks. We operate in the following sectors: Financial, Energy, Telecommunication, Utilities, Government and Military.

Continuous Improvement & Reassessment

Effective Data security needs to be dynamic; the constantly-changing security environment necessitates ears-to-the-ground and a process of continuous reassessment. We create customized risk management programs to keep abreast of evolving security threats.

Tailor-made Solutions

Not all solutions are quick to deploy, and they can arrive too late, wasting time and money, and unnecessarily exposing an organization to threats. We bring you an arsenal of customized solutions that will fit your needs, dealing with general and specific threats, as well as complying with local regulatory requirements. We find solutions that go beyond the usual off-the-shelf products, dealing with your end-to-end needs.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Cyber C helps companies to deal with the governance and implementation issues around risk and compliance. By identifying suboptimal systems and process, we can help to reduce the time and cost of managing compliance. We will reduce the risk around inadequate, misaligned IT architecture and business practice, as well as around exposure to regulatory violations.

We have the right expertise for you.